I'm a single mother of one,,

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I'm really concerned about my daughter,, she is three years old,, her father and I are not married,, her surname is my surname,, in the court of law does that not mean anything,, this man is like dirt "kak" on a clean blanket,,I went to court for maintenance but there's no hope,, he has not paid for the previous months,, he doesn't bring my daughter back when he should,, I am so worried,, can the court take her from me as I am working really hard and I pay more than he does,,


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Hey,, tnx for replying,, unfortunately I respect how u went abt it,, wish u the best!!!
Sadly I dislike everything about my daughters father,, she is three years old and I feel this man will hurt me just to get her,, she's my daughter all he is a sperm,, our relationship was dreadful,, I love my daughter and I am worried because her surname is mine should the law manage to give him want he demands,, he can't even pay for the things she needs,, I give my parents R2000 a month and he battles to give R500,, he is irritating me,,

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