I'm a single mum, my son has now decided to move in with dad (aged 15)

Susan - posted on 10/14/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi my son's father and I never married and split up when our son was 3yrs old. I have always given my ex almost equal access and full involvement in all aspects of our son's life including things like going to teacher/parents evenings and the like. At the age of 15, my son decided he wanted to live with his dad, which I don't mind telling you was devastating and heart breaking and I'm still struggling to deal with it. My ex has a new partner who loves my son and vice-versa. I have been pushed out of my son's life and only get to see him for a few hours once a week/fortnight at my son's choosing (he has a busy social life!). I recently discovered that I am not named as my son's father let alone next of kin at his college, you can imagine how I felt and the overwhelming feeling of utter helplessness. What are my rights as his mother even though he's now living with his dad? I really hope you can help me. Susan


Michelle - posted on 10/14/2016




You should be named as his Mother and next of kin. You take a cope of his birth certificate to the school and make them put your name down.
In regards to the rest, there's not a lot you can do. I have a 15yo with a very active social life as well. I do 50/50 shared care so they still come here and most weekends he wants to catch up with his friends. I have made the rule that once a month, he has to spend the weekend with us as a family. We do every 2nd weekend so it's not much to ask.
So far neither of my boys have wanted to live with their Father full time but I guess having the shared care in place for over 11 years years has been a good thing.

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