I'm a stranger in my own home ...

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My 15 yo stepson hardly acknowledges me. Background: He lives with mom, his dad (my hubby) spends alot of time with him, he is an only child but his stepbrother also lives in the same home with him. He is a pretty smart guy and he is never in trouble. He appears to be extremely shy, definitely awkward, uncomfortable in his own skin, and socially inept. At 15 yrs old he holds his fork like its a shovel. Every adult friend agrees that he is a weird kid. Although he plays on a soccer team, he has no friends other than his stepbrother who is strange, also, but will at least talk. The problem: he treats me as if I am a stranger. I am almost invisible in my own home. He is not outwardly or verbally rude, as a matter of fact, I think he is just uncomfortable when others are around. My question: am I wrong to think that it is so incredibly rude of him to not acknowledge me. He knows I am there, however, he completely ignores me. If I say "hey!" he mumble "hi" back but never looks me in the eye and he will continue to walk right past me. My husband says he is shy. Come on now... he is 15 years old. At this point, I think it is just plain rude and at some level he should at least be taught some manners and speak back. I am just about done with it so I think that when he is around, I think I will just pick up extra shifts at work or go out of town. i am so very uncomfortable when he is here. It's like walking on eggshells. My husband excuses his behavior and continues to say, "he's just quiet/shy." DONE.

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