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Sierra - posted on 08/21/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am 7 months pregnant and as we all know; my pre-pregnancy clothes just don't cut it anymore. I'm having a really hard time with this because I don't work or have income. When I got pregnant I expected for my husband to provide the things I need. That being said I stopped working at 4 months (which is earlier than I feel I should have). We're both young and I feel like he's not mature enough to understand how hard being pregnant really can be. I try my hardest not to ask for the things I want/need because I don't want him to feel like I'm just home all day doing nothing. When I do ask he usually says yes but then after he buys the thing he calls me spoiled. It hurts my feelings to hear him say that. With his most recent pay check he spent $90 in one day just on things he wanted for fun. But when I asked for a couple new shirts he said "we don't have very much spending money" and I ended up leaving Goodwill (a thrift store) with two XL men's t-shirts. I asked for money this paycheck to go baby shopping and he gave me $70 but then called me spoiled that time too. I feel so disappointed and hurt that he doesn't want to buy baby stuff for his son. I really need advice on how I can talk to him about this and show him how his actions are selfish. I hate feeling like I'm not worth the money and I hate that I have to wear the same 3 outfits over and over. Please help!!!


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This is a conversation (or several conversations) that should have been had before you married, before you conceived and certainly before you stopped working. Why did you stop working at 4 months? Can you manage on one income? Will you work after the child is born? Did you and your husband agree to you quitting your job? Have you been having complications with your pregnancy? If being pregnant is hard for you, then you need to tell him. If you don't need a work wardrobe then a few pairs of stretchy pants and some loose tops will be sufficient for the rest of the pregnancy. I wore my husbands t-shirts a lot and only had maternity clothing for church or going out. I was lucky to have a job that required me to wear scrubs to I did not need work clothing.
He is your husband and calling you names is unkind. I think the two of you need to get some counseling now. Having a child in the mix will only make finances and life more stressful.

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