I'm an alcoholic and drank until I passed out every night before I realized I was 4 weeks pregnant. To make it worse, I had to have X rays that month as well. What should I do

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Help! I drank anywhere from half a bottle to 2 bottles of wine a night- till I passed out-before I found out I was 3-4 weeks pregnant on the 15th. Also, I injured pulled a lumbar muscle and had to have that whole area x-rayed on the 5th. I've stopped drinking alcohol and caffeine completely and am worried sick! Did anyone else drink WAY to much (like on the alcoholic level) before they knew? How did the baby turn out? (Oh AND I was on birth control pills I don't know how this could have happened).


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Do not drink anymore and try not to worry. Whatever happens will happen and worry won't change anything.... except stress you out. I know that's easier said than done though.

If it makes you feel any better, my cousin-in-law didn't find out she was pregnant until 4 months.... and she partied quite a bit. Her son is a happy, healthy 19 year old young man now.

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