I'm considering buying silicone breast inserts any tips?

Chandra - posted on 06/01/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have been nursing for 2 years my son hasn't given any interest in regular milk or formula, so i still breastfeed...because of this one breast is about 2-3 sizes larger than the other which is uncomfortable as well as discouraging, I'm looking into silicone breast inserts ( until my son stops breastfeeding) but i don't know which would be best and what would boost my confidence in everyday clothing as well as bathing suits...because this dramatic difference me and my husband haven't been intimate in over a year(I am embarrassed and lack confidence in my appearance) My husband hasn't even seen me naked in that time either so i'd at least like something i could where with dresses,bathing suits,lingerie,and so on that would give the look and feel of the real thing so i don't feel to embarrassed...ANY TIPS OR ADVICE?


Michelle - posted on 06/02/2015




Have you discussed your feeling about your body with your husband?
If you can't talk about the changes that have happened then how do you deal with bigger issues? I'm sure he loves you just the way you are, why hide from him. Your husband is a very patient man if you haven't been intimate in over year!!!!

In regards to filling your bra when wearing clothing, plenty of decent lingerie shops sell inserts you can use. Most women have different sized breasts anyway. You need to learn to love your body and the amazing thing it has done: growing another human and feeding that little one for 2 years! Embrace your body and grow your self esteem.

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