I'm currently paying $1,200 monthly for two kids... DESPERATLY searching for a co-op near me!

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I am in Killeen tx and I have not heard of a co-op until now. I have a 6 month old that eats baby food and a two year old that is recently potty trained. My daycare costs me $1,200 monthly weather they attend or not. And that does not include lunch, snacks, or diapers. I am desperately looking for another alternative. I interviewed a couple of Nannies and looked into a few home daycare; but the price only came down about $100. We are full time parents on a strict budget to ensure daycare is paid. I am looking for another safe and healthy alternative. HELP!!! Is anyone out there?!?

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I agree w/ Louise. Another alternative is to rework your budget to see if it could actually be cheaper for you to stay at home w/ your kids.... maybe YOU take in a kid or two to watch for a little extra money. Good luck!!

Louise - posted on 03/05/2011




The only way to get your costs to come down is if you and your partner work shifts so that there is always someone there to take care of your child. My husband and I did this when my kids were very small. He did the 9-5 and I worked 6-12. This was the only way we could servive at that time.

Also look into what the government can help you with. In the UK you can buy nursery vouchers direct from your wages so you do not pay tax saving you alot of money each month. Also you can get tax credits for being at work which reduces what you have to pay out in tax. Child care vouchers are also available. Give them a ring i am sure they will be able to help you.

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