I'm due may 1st but I am in tons of pain and would like to have her a little early. Does anyone know any healthy ways to induce yourself at home?

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I'm due May 1st. but am in alot of pain and would like to have her a little early. Does anyone know any safe ways to induce yourself at home?


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I don't mean to sound mean but.....let your baby come when he/she's ready! Unless there is a medical condition that warrants an early induction (approved by and done by your doctor), then there is NO reason to self induce early. I, as well as any other mother on this site, know that you are miserable and uncomfortable. We've all been there. Some of us had worse pains than others. Some of us had no major pains until labor. But please understand that every moment that you keep your baby inside of you, you're better preparing her all the more to have a healthy life outside of you.

My advice is to Leave. It. Be. Not to sound harsh but, we've all been there. That last bit of pregnancy isn't pleasant or comfortable. To self induce so early.....that's like intentionally telling your baby that, "Hey, I know your lungs aren't ready yet and that you're not ready for the world yet, but I'M ready to have you out of me so here we go..." Not fair. And to be honest, it's selfish. Leave your baby where she is and let time and nature take its course. Hopefully you have a doctor that you trust and when the time comes, if they feel it is necessary to induce, they will. But for now, just chill. Put your feet up. Eat some ice cream. Take a walk. That baby is better off staying inside you for a few more weeks at least.

And yeah, I'm blunt. Sorry.....but I speak the truth that many other women will tell you when they wake up and see this later.

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Believe me you do not want to bring this on early because your cervix is not ripe enough.

I had two normal pregnancies and both of them were 10lb and 4-10 days late. No complications at all. My third 15 years later was a nightmare. Split pelvis unable to walk and in agony from 4 months onwards. I pushed to have my little one delivered early because I was in so much pain. Ironically I had to be induced any way as my blood pressure rocketed although I was 5 weeks early. This labour was very painful and moved so slowly, eventually the baby was in distress and they had to perform an emergency c section (which I believe is very common in induced births).

So what I am trying to say is let mother nature do her thing. Your birth will go so much smoother if not hurried along. You have to remember that your baby is in the best place for him/her. Try and releive pain with warm baths and lots of pillows placed between your knees when you sleep on your side. Sit down and keep your feet up and then change position after an hour or so to relieve pressure on your back.

There is some truth in bringing on labour with sex though, but only recommended when over due. Male seamen has a chemical in it that is also in the pessary they give you to induce labour.

My advice is to try and make the most of the last few weeks as when baby gets here you will be exhausted. Keep occupied make some batch meals for the freezer to help you when you get home. Make out meal calendars and shopping lists so that you can send your husband when you get home with baby. Keep busy and the time will soon pass.

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What kind of pain are you in? If it is true pain, and NOT just discomfort why haven't you seen a doctor? True pain can reflect a problem with the baby, or something serious with your own health.
So, if it is pain and not discomfort....see a doctor.

Why would you want to induce labor? LEAVE THE CREATOR'S PROCESS alone. The Creator knows what it is doing as far as birth, etc. is concerned. Get out of your own way. I do hope that you can gain some maturity between now and May 1st when it comes to "having it your way".

One of the first things parenting teaches you is that YOU are not in charge of anything but yourself! That is if you are an aware being.

PLEASE get all thoughts of self induced labor out of your mind. See a physician for the pain...IF it is real! Don't mess with the Creator's gift growing inside of you. Learn to respect and appreciate the fact that your child has rights already. The right to come into the world when it is ready....not when you are tired of being pregnant!

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Speaking as someone who was in such agony with pregnancy complications that I was in a wheelchair for 3 months, I'd still have given ANYTHING I could to have let my daughter stay in a little longer. As it was, she was born at 28 weeks and the emotional rollercoaster that we endured while she was in the NICU for 12 weeks was something I could not contemplate CHOOSING to go through, not even for one day.

I don't mean to disparage your discomfort at all, but you can deal with it and rationalize it in a way that your vulnerable infant cannot. You need to chill and let your baby come when he/she is ready. Anything else is, as Joy already said, selfish.

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Seeing as the OP has had her baby (congratulations, Destinee!), advice on at-home induction is probably not needed anymore. Thanks, ladies!

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Jumping jacks, jumping rope, spicy foods, sex if you can. Stay away from Castor oil. It has not been proven to be safe and actually hardly works. Plus, if it does you add labour pains and intestinal cramps. Not a great thing.

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walk lots, trying eating pineapple and/or eggplant, try sitting on a excercise ball it will open ur pelivis helping baby come down which will put pressureon ur cervics helping u dilate.

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Awww congratulations!! What a great weight for being a bit early as well, well done you

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Lol thanx but it was just labor pains i got to bring my little lady home today :) She was perfectly healthy and weighs 8 pounds 13 ounces 22 inches long!

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See a doctor and get some painkillers. Pregnancy is just the first step of putting a life you are bringing in to the world ahead of yourself, and unfortunately it's not always a breeze. But you have to leave babies cooking for as long as possible

I've got 2 babies head down at the moment, and believe me I am in a lot of pain, but I am gonna push the doctors to leave me as long as possible before delivering, as right now, my tummy is the best place for them to be

My only other tip would be to keep busy and active as possible. My son came 2 weeks early and interfered with all the plans I'd made for that time!! Most people I know that have been impatient and want babies out early have ended up going a week or two overdue

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Also, try stretching. Or sitting on a birthing ball and rocking back and forth. Hot showers. Get on your hands and knees and let your belly hang (release it slowly while you breathe out) and curve your shoulders while you do it. Those are some of the things I did when I was in the last month/weeks of my pregnancy. I really didn't mean to come off as such a bitch earlier, and I'm sorry if I did.

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