I'm going to start concentrating more on my the positive aspects of my sons autism.

Mishell - posted on 12/02/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have realized how much time i have spent on the negatives of my sons autism. How can you you feel good about yourself if you are thought of as broken and need to be fixed. I will continue get him any helps he needs for deficits. I am going to give more attention to his brilliance in certain areas. I will from now on encourage him in those areas. I want my son to see himself as a unique individual with special attributes that set him apart in a good way. I want those special qualities that he has like his extreme knowledge in certain areas to be the ones he concentrates on when he thinks about being on the autism spectrum.


Ev - posted on 12/02/2013




My son was diagnosed with a version of Autism at the age of 11. When I told him about it I explained to him that he just saw the world with a different set of eyes than the rest of us did. I also told him that because of how he saw the world, I would stop and look at it from a different angle because of his thoughts on it. And you know what, at nearly 17, my son is now reading on a 12th grade level in junior year. He is doing very well in math and sciences, he is learning to put together computer stuff, and he wants to get into mechanics after he graduates. I never used the Autism as a crutch and I did not let him either. I played as an advantage to him rather than a disadvantage though it really is. I am glad you are going to focus more on your son's strengths and less on the weaknesses but you can always turn those weak points into strong ones. THat is what I do.

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