I'm having a planned c-section next week and just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice :)

Casey - posted on 05/02/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have a 2 year old son aleady and I am having a planned c-section on wednesday next week as I have a twisted pelvis so my babies can't drop down into my pelvis so the doctor has scheduled this c-section. I had an emergency c-section with my first child after a very long labour and I wasn't overly scared of having the surgery then because I was to tired to really care but this time I am freaking out.

So I am just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice on planned c-sections and how to cope with a toddler after getting home from hospital ect, really any advice or words of wisdom would be appriciated thanks :)


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Casey - posted on 05/03/2011




I didn't even think of making some reheatable meals for the freezer what a good idea I shall get onto that ;)
I stopped picking up my son a while ago as I new I would ahve to have another c-section and I didn't want him thinking it was all the babies fault that mummy couldn't pick him up anymore so that should be ok.
My partner can only take 2 weeks off all up but at least it's something but other then him I don't really have anyone who can help me out but hopefully I manage ok.
I know I am just freaking out cause I have way to much time to over think the whole situation, I've gotten myself to the point where I am not even excited I'm just plain old scared lol.
Maybe I should start doing some cooking to take my mind off it all ;)
Oh and thanks Jodie I was wanting to know if the recovery time was easier/quicker with a planned c-section as opposed to a emergency one so you just answered my question :)

Peita - posted on 05/03/2011




I had an emergency hysterectomy after my 3rd child (I had placenta Incretta that was found after giving birth), I had 3 operations within 24hrs, 4 1/2 days in ICU, 7 nights in hospital, my husband had 2 weeks off altogether and then I was on my own with a 6yo, 3 1/2yo and newborn, I did ok, I took it easy and didn't pick up anything heavier than my baby for 6 weeks, I could still do things, just not lots of walking and lifting... To keep my kids etertained, I would take them outside and I would sit down with my feet up, they played the Wii, I did craft/art with them, we watched tv, listened to music, read books, did some cooking, I was kind of isolated with my kids as my eldest 2 got chicken pox when my bub was 2 weeks old, so we just hung out together.... Just do what your doctor recommends and you should be fine :-) Good luck!!!

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I had a planned C-section with my second daughter and it was nerve racking for sure but i found that the recovery was heaps quicker!!! My first born was 10 days off turning 2 when i had no.2 so i showed her my belly and explained to her that she had to be very careful with mummy coz she ahs a sore belly and she was really good (i dont know if that is coz girls are a little more gentle) but be honest with your son. If your husband can have time off it is a HUGE help. I found my hisband dealt with the 2 year old and i had the newborn seemed to work really well for us but i made sure that when no.2 was asleep i made time for no.1! You could see in her behaviour when i hadnt spent enough time with her coz she would get really naughty. Ummm other then that have some meals pre-prepared in the freezer for an easy dinner that isnt unhealthy take out! Good Luck!!!!

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I had an emergency C section with my daughter and the only tip I can give you is buy the biggest full knickers you can find to go over the scar and sit comfortably over all the dressings. You will need to be in hospital for 4 days minimum as you know which I found unbearable as I do not like being confined and I just wanted to get home.

I would strongly suggest that your partner takes time off when you get home and not when you are in hospital because you are not going to be able to lift for at least two weeks. I have to say i was surprised how quickly I recovered and that if I took all the pain killers on time the pain was minimal. I had a rope tied to the end of the bed to help me sit up and get out of bed easier.

Just try not to do everything for the first six weeks. Leave the vacuuming to your partner to do. Let him do the ironing and you get as much rest as you can. Your two year old will understand that mummies tummy hurts and that he must not jump on you or exspect to be picked up. Tell your toddler now that mummy will have a sore tummy when she comes home with the baby and then he will understand that you are not pushing him away because of the baby but because you are sore. Don't worry about the c section you will cope as long as you realise you are not supper mum and can only do so much. Good Luck!

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Mmm.. how did you cope last time? I hear the recovery process is brutal :( and with a young child at 2 running around it could be harder. Do you have any help to call upon? Relatives? I would plan easy easy meals ahead of time, stuff to pull out of freezer nuke and eat..... sandwhiches... just to prep and make your life easier for the next few weeks. Hope someone else replies who knows more - I have two mommy friends in my local group who went through this but they just talked about the procedure, not the aftermath of dealing with it so much besides standard long healing period, which you have already experianced. Hope it works out for you

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