I'm her only parent should I feel bad needing a couple days for her to go to grandmas for a couple days


Dove - posted on 08/09/2014




How old is she? If she's never done a sleepover before or isn't used to being away from you it is probably better to start small (couple of hours and gradually work up to one overnight... and then a weekend), but there is absolutely NOTHING wrong w/ needing a break. You HAVE to take care of yourself or you will be no good to her.

Parenting is a 24/7 job... and single parenting can feel like double that sometimes. What other job can you have where people feel 'guilty' for needing a break? NONE. :)

As long as you are committed to loving and raising your child in a stable home and when you are not w/ your child you have left her in capable hands... take the breaks you need to function for your child. ♥

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