I'm looking for the some birthday craft ideas for a 6 year olds birthday party!

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My son is turning 6 next month and wants to have a party at the house, There will be about 10 kids who will be attending but I would like some ideas of some crafts that the kids can do and some games that they can play. It's the winter here so it's going to be cold out so everything needs to be inside, unless we have snow but can't count on that.

I'm probably going to be doing cupcake icecream cones that the kids can decorate instead of an actual birthday cake, but I would like some other crafts that the kids can maybe do. I thought about tie dying tee shirts but don't think they will be dry enough for them to take home by the end of the party. I'm not a crafty person but my husband is so I'm open for any suggestions.

Also any ideas for any games that the kids can play would be helpful too! Thanks in advance!


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The party sounds fun! Decorate your own cupcakes... how can you go wrong? :)

One game I've always had wild success with in the 4-7 year old range is "Doggy, Doggy, where's your bone?"

You explain that all the kids are squirrels, and they all need to sit on the branch of the tree. (either make a line out of masking tape on the floor that's the tree branch, or just have an imaginary one)

"There is a very sleepy dog that lives beside the squirrels, and he has a delicious treat (show the kids something jingly that will be the pretend bone, like keys or a rattle) that all the squirrels want to have." Choose someone who is a bit confident, and "good at guessing" to be the dog, and have them sit about 4 feet away from the line of squirrels.

"The doggy is sooo sleepy, (encourage the dog to face away from the squirrels and close his eyes) he leaves his bone behind him and falls asleep." (place the "bone" about 6 inches behind the dog)

"I'm going to pick one squirrel to come down from the tree and sneak over to the dog and steal his bone! I need to pick the quietest, sneakiest squirrel." (choose a kid who is sitting still; you will have mayhem if you encourage armwaving and yelling - remind them not to fall off the tree/move off the line)

So the squirrel sneaks over, takes the bone, climbs back on his branch, and then

"Now all the squirrels put your hands behind your back and pretend you have the bone. Then we wake the doggy up by saying all together (in sing-song) Doggy, doggy, where's your bone? Somebody took it from your home!" (you'll have to practice this once or twice with them so they know the words and can really bellow it out, that's part of the fun)

"And then the doggy wakes up" (have the dog open his eyes and turn around) "and tries to guess which squirrel has it."

The dog has three guesses, and if he doesn't get it, you can either keep guessing, or the squirrel who had it gives it back and it goes again, or the dog just turns back into a squirrel whether he guessed right or not. Now the squirrel who had the bone becomes the doggy, and you do it again.

Make sure you tell them that if they say "ooh, pick MEEE", you can't pick them because the doggy will know who it is!

This is a fun game, but you need to be very hands on until the kids get the hang of it. After that, you can give the responsibility of picking the new sneaky squirrel to the last person to be the doggy. This is done by pointing, not talking. And of course remind them that everybody needs a turn, usually kids are pretty good about that.

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