I'm losing it. 1 year old wont tolerate diaper changes!

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So I have read a lot of people in similar situation and I'm just looking for support. I've tried distracting him with toys, objects from random household things, holding a diaper or wipe, puffing powder, I've tried everything. He just kicks and screams and rolls over, or stands up and tries to walk right off the table. I'm really feeling horrible about his. In order to change him I have to force him to lay down and he is freaking strong! I feel like a terrible person when its all done and he screams for another 5 minutes. Just now he actually fell asleep b/c the diaper change took so much out of him! I've read that starting potty time is a good idea at this point, but my baby doesn't even really say words yet so I don't think he would be able to communicate when he needs to potty, etc. I don't know. I'm at my breaking point. I wish he would get over this :(


Krista - posted on 08/06/2011




I wonder...do you think he might respond better to standing up for diaper changes? My kid is a squirm worm too, but not as bad as yours. But there are times when he just HATES lying down. But he's okay with standing up.

What I do is grab a diaper and just fasten the tabs on the outer sides so that it's loose enough to pull onto him, and then pull down his pants, yank off his old diaper, give him a wipe, and have him step into the new diaper. Once it's up around his waist, I tighten and adjust it. You won't be able to do this for poop diapers, unless his stools are fairly solid, but it works well for pee diapers.

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