I'm new to the circle - how does one reach an administrator to ask a special question about posting so I don't break any rules?


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Amy - posted on 02/11/2014




No you can not promote anything you've written or are selling, we consider that solicitation even if you think it is beneficial to the one who you are writing to. You can not promote your own website or business either for the same reason. Finally the site is called "Circle of Moms" it's frowned upon to have males posting because we are trying to create an environment where women are comfortable posting questions without fear of being harrassed or hit on by men which sadly is sometimes the case. I am sure that you have some great advice but if flagged by a poster you will be banned from posting. I hope this answers your questions if you have any others let me know.

Richard - posted on 02/08/2014




Hello Amy,
Thanks for responding! I may be the most unusual “Mom” you've heard from. Here is a comment I added to the very first post I made: “Hi Everyone, I'm not exactly a "Mom," - I'm an 82 year old Father, Grand and Great grandfather, but I do a lot of what you all do when not teaching your children, because I'm caregiver for my bride of 60 years who has Dementia. I know what shopping, cooking, cleaning and housekeeping is like - hard work with not a lot of time off. A long time ago I was, for some time, an art teacher in public middle schools so I know what it's like - sometimes in a classroom with 50 kids who had to share desks. I'm in the Circle because I now write in order to teach skills for fun and profit. LIM-R-IDDLES REVISITED will be my 15th book and the one I think kids and their parents will enjoy and profit from the most. Not out yet, but soon will be. Will keep you posted. Hope you don't mind if I comment on the tips here - do use coupons and am on the look-out for ways to bring in some extra dollars.”
Amy, here are my questions, assuming you feel I won't be out of place, because I believe I can offer some helpful posts or comments, but I want to be up front about why I joined.
1. As a committed Christian, I believe we should all “bear one another's burdens” and because when caring for a loved one with Dementia, some of the challenges are the same young Mom's face when raising kids. (Also is there a category for Mom's who must also care for aging parents – I may be able to make useful comments.) and because I've had 4 “careers” Teacher, Advertising Exec, Art Rep for twenty years, and now a Writer, I think I may help in a number of ways.
2. In the world of On-line publishing – which is new to me – I'm advised that one good way to get the word out about what I write is to relate, on a personal basis, through groups like this one and I believe the book mentioned above can be a real help for home schoolers. Here's the BUT – I read the NO ADVERTISING restriction after I made my first post which did mention the book. Is there any “legal” way to call attention to a website about what I write, especially when the material is pertinent. I have two other books “in the works” and obviously, when one may be looking at Assisted Living at over $4,500 per month rent, should it become necessary, generating additional income makes sense. So attracting potential readers is one of the reason I joined – though #1 above is the more important one. With age, “giving” rather than just “getting” is important to me.
3. I'll learn as I read and, hopefully, post and comment to this special group who are educating the future leaders of a wonderful country that seems to many to be heading in the wrong direction, but I don't want to become violator of a sensible code restricting those who are out to “just want to make a buck.”
I'd be happy to run potential posts, comments I'd like to make by an administrator in advance, if I think they may be misinterpreted as “crossing the line” in the eyes of some readers.

Thanks for taking the time to read and answer – Dick Harrison 941-227-2459, www.lovestoread.com, shamrock5681@gmail.com (can one post an email address and offer one-on-one responses if asked to?)

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