I'm new to this and I'm sure there are plenty of moms with the same problem. I have a 19 year old college girl. She is home for the summer. she is a total slob.Her room I can deal with as so many moms just say close the door and don't look in. Every day when I come home from work the sink is full of dirty dishes, dirty stove and table. her junk all over the place.sometimes living room and kitchen look almost as bad as her room. This drives me crazy.I ask her over and over again to pick her things up, in which she does after I go to bed.Its all cleaned up (most of the time) by the time I wake up.But the thing is I don't want to come home to this mess every day.I am gratefull she does pick it up, but I'd rather her pick it up before I get home, not after I go to bed. Am I wrong in wanting a clean house? This is really ruining our relationship. She gets angry at me because I get mad at the mess. How do I get her to clean up?


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Lady - posted on 05/30/2013




WE went through the exact same thing. In fact this year she was only home for a week and her room looks worse than a hunk yard. It makes me so frutrated that she doesn't respect our home.
Our daughter doesn't have her own car so we attach driving privileges to the chores we ask to be done.
These are not the girls we raised~ am I right

~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/30/2013




Oh man. She is back home to enjoy mommy cleaning after her lol. I hate to say it, but could you start an allowance? She does her chores, she gets a bit of spending money? Might have to go back to the basics with her. Just talk with her about it also. Let her know this is unfair. That you love her being back home for the summer, but you are not the maid, and neither is she. She should take care of the messes she makes, and if she does, she can earn a few bucks.

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