I'm new to this...I have never posted anything online but after reading many of the past post I feel as though I can gain insight and guidance from all of you. I have and plan to move out of state with my fiance and my three children. My ex-husband was in agreement with the move, but just as well had hesitiation around the reduce time with our children. For over three months we have had lengthy phone conversations and emails around the move, transportation/visits and so forth. Without going into a great deal of details about the situation; my ex husband had proposed a proposal on my front porch one day asking if he didn't have to pay child support. I shared with them that I would be open to the idea but to gather his financial information with regards to vacation time and loss of pay. He never provided that information for me so I had him served restricted certified mail with respect to the move date and my counter proposal. After he received these documents all forms of our communication came to a dead hault and three days later he served me paperwork contesting the move. I know that things will be alright, but my family is split right now with my fiance being in that state and supporting two households while I stay home to raise our children. He is a great father and we are moving due to a great job opportunity and a new home. I'm looking for some support; I'm usually a very direct person and I feel a little anxiety around the Guardian who is appointed and I will meet this Thursday. I have all the emails and documents to show our great history co parenting together, but I don't want to come across as I'm singling him out because I know that he is contesting the move because I declined his no child support and gave him a reduction. My email is roux_girls@yahoo.com. Anyone who has any insight; I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks


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If the father dont want to pay child support, is he wanting to forfit his rights to the children? If so, your fiance' can adopt them as his own.

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