I'm planning celebrate both of my 4yr & 10 yr old birthday party. 5 days apart might as well to save. Any ideas?

Jesse - posted on 05/22/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My fiance and I are hosting the party. We're going to do games for the kids on both ages. How we're going to organize the games, their party both at the same time? any ideas?


Faye - posted on 05/22/2012




Same day, yes. Same time, big iffy. You will have two different batches of kids to watch. Yes by having two separate parties you will have two messes to clean up, but think about this, why subject both kids to the same party. They each have their own friends they will want to invite and not have to "share" mom's attention. If the older kids get out of hand, then how will the younger ones react?

Have the 4 year old party at 10 am and the 10 year old at 2 pm. The 4 yo could have their theme and the 10 yo could have thier theme. I am sure they both do not want the same theme(Diego or Disney Princesses).

If the 4 yo still naps, have that party first, have them up with the clean up, feed them lunch and place them down for a nap. Decorate for the 10 yo party while the 4 yo is down. 4 yo is rested for the siblings party and not cranky because there are up to 14 people in their world all at once.

Remember the birthday party rule, 1 guest per age of child. 4 yo has 4 friends attend while the 10 yo could have up to 10 friends attend. Remember also to invite twice the number you want to show up as most of the time only half can attend.

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