I'm pregnant and really young. I need your thoughts on something.

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Hi. I'm 19 and my boyfriend and I just recently found out that I'm pregnant. We've been together for half a year. He's four years older than me and has a son from a previous relationship. And... he wants abortion. I think it's the best option for me too because I have two more years in college and I've yet to serve my term as president in a student organization. I'm also scared that my family would not support me. Also, my boyfriend doesn't want me to tell my family. But I know deep down in my heart that I want to keep this child. But I also know that my circumstances would not permit me so and that I might just ruin two future; mine and the baby's.

I don't want you guys to think that I'm making you decide. I just want to know the pros and cons.


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Your boyfriend sounds like a manipulative asshole. You say in your heart that you want this baby. If you truly feel this way, if you abort, you will never forgive yourself. I don't see this guy staying with you either way (and you should not want to stay with him when he is attempting to force you to do something so major especially while he is telling you not to tell your family). He is out the door. You are going to have to live with this decision the rest of your life. Can you? This is YOUR body and YOUR choice. Talk with your family. Don't hesitate. They have always been there for you, and this guy has been your boyfriend for 6 months. He barely knows you. Your family raised you. Talk with them. They may surprise you.

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Well it takes 2 to make a baby and you should both be responsible for birth control if you don't want a baby.
I know it's too late now but you are the only one that can make this decision. Like Gena said: it's not up to your boyfriend, it's your body and your choice.
You need to think about the long term and if you will always regret not having your child. As a Mother, you will find a way to get through anything for your child and until you tell your family, you don't know their reaction.
I think your boyfriend doesn't want you to tell them so they don't talk you out of having an abortion. In his mind, the less people that know, the more influence he has.

Gena - posted on 04/06/2014




Its absoluty only your decision.You dont have to get an abortion if your boyfriend tells you to.If you want the baby you will find ways to manage.Maybe if you tell your parents your family will be there to help you.I wish you all the best,and i hope you will find a way to manage having your baby,and that your family will support you.And if you decide to keep the baby and your boyfriend leaves you then its his problem.He should be supporting you!

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