I'm pregnant with my second child, its our first child together but he's admitted he's not sure if he'll love this one as much as his others from a previous relationship! he also said he doesn't want to show our new baby more attention than his other children. please help! whatd should I say?


Jessica - posted on 09/12/2012




well first of all congrats on the new baby, im prego with my second as well. umm this is a tough one because he shouldnt feel that he has to love any of them more than the other it should be equal all the way around, we dont get to pick which of our children we love more than the other. its instinct to not do more for one than the other. and this whole attention business, umm its going to be a newborn its going to require a little more attention than the older ones. im not saying push the others to the side but a baby does require a little more than the average 2-6 year old. my best suggestion for you to say to him is this is going to be a new life of OURS in this world. you didnt get pregnant by yourself so you shouldnt have to feel by yourself. its time for these men to grow up and get their priorietys together. dont bring a baby into this world if you feel you dont have the "time or attention" that needs to be given.

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