I'm pregnant with twins and I'm in quite unfamiliar territory

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I'm 24 and pregnant with babies 3 and 4. I know absolutely nothing about twins so I'm a bit worried and conflicted about what my doctor says and information I've gathered in my own. Firstly, vitamins. My prenatal vitamins are the only thing that actually cause me to become ill. My doctor says, "it's ok, just take two Flintstone's Kids vitamins twice a day." Information I've gathered and a book I ordered specifically about having multiples says that I should have a large amount of folic acid a day, not to mention the other important ones I need in large quantities. Secondly, ultrasounds. Should I have one every few months? Or just two per pregnancy? My doctor told me that I'm high risk and that twin pregnancies are fragile, so it makes sense to keep your eyes on the babies (literally), doesn't it? Thirdly, weight gain. My doctor says that this will be like a normal pregnancy, I should gain about thirty pounds. However, my research tells me that I should gain between 40-55 lbs because twins are prone to low birth weight.

I'm sorry for rambling, but any insight would be wonderful thank you so much!!


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Sarah - posted on 11/08/2013




For the vitamins.....what your doc is recommending is right. Sometimes the prenatal vits. make people sick so doctors will often times recommend that they take two flinstone vits. instead. This will give you the added folic acid and other vits. your body will need throughout your pregnancy. If you nurse then you will want to continue with taking those vits. through the time period in which you nurse. Ultrasounds will depend on your doc and your pregnancy. Each pregnancy is going to be different (even each twin pregnancy). You will most likely get a few extra ultrasounds, but the number will depend on what your doc feels necessary and how your pregnancy progresses. As far as weight gain.....the weight you are now has a lot to do with how much a doc would prefer you gain throughout your pregnancy. In a singlet pregnancy and a person that is in their recommended weight range it is advised that they gain about 20 pounds......so 30 pounds sounds about right. You don't want to double your weight just because you are having two babies. That is not healthy. You will have extra weight due to two placentas and two babies growing, but that weight is about 10 pounds. Twins are often times prone to low birth weight because twins tend to be born before 40 weeks (though some women do go 40 wks with twins). There are many twins that are born very close to 40 wks weighing in the normal newborn weight range.

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