i'm seeking to adopt baby or child with out a agency

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me and my husband have been together for 11 yrs and have 3 teen girlas and we would love to adopt again another baby but we dont want to go through and agency or Cps foster care cause we did that before and we all got hurt after we fostered the baby from 3 months old to 3 yrs old so were not looking to do that again.

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Jannab1996 - posted on 09/13/2016




I want to adopt but they said that I have to be 21 years old before I can be able to adopt a baby or a child is that true I need some answers

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thats very true mam we didnt have to pay anything for our second daughter her mom knew she couldnt take care of her so she signed her over to us. Thats what im looking for and yes i know she can back out but i just want another baby.

Lacye - posted on 11/30/2012




So what exactly are you looking for? A private adoption? Private adoptions can be just as painful if the mother of the child backs out at the last minute. Also, some of the mothers require that you pay their medical bills.

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