I'm single father off a beautiful daughter nearly 2 split with my daughters mother 6 months long story I have a problem my ex has been organising day visits for my daughter to spend 4 hours in a jail to see her brother Sienna's uncle now this is the second time she has done this with out my concent , jail is no place for my daughter now that her eyes are wide open and she is noticing a lot off stuff now I need to put a stop to this any suggestions.

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Daniel - posted on 06/25/2013




I don't mind my daughter going there once in a blue moon but I have a big problem with my ex taking her there and in and then she goes for 4 hours out off the jail it's not right my daughter is in the care off her uncle who is only 21 and its not his kid I'm going to call the jail up tomorrow and try and sort this out.

Jingle - posted on 06/25/2013




Talk to a child psychologist to see what harm, if any, this could have on her. This way your mind may be put at rest, but if not, you could get an attorney to help you put an end to the visits. Good luck.

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