I'm so lost and confused. My daughter is 8mths and her dad is in and out.... i feel like he picks and choose when he will see her.... he doesnt help financially and ive tried everything to make sure he is involved but now i just think that i need to block him out for awhile.... any thoughts.


Jodi - posted on 09/06/2014




You don't have the right to just "block him out" of your child's life because he has rights too. I also wouldn't advise it. No, he isn't the greatest dad, but he is still her father. It is highly unlikely a court will say that he can never see his child again. They will set visitation....and he will still pick and choose. Believe me, I've been there.

Financially, file for child support.

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Okay I don't think I was clear enough... I definitely wasn't saying block him out forever... But right now its best if he just stays away for a bit because its always a problem.... So a father that's in and out is acceptable ? Not for me...

Dove - posted on 09/06/2014




Finish the court proceedings and get custody, visitation, and child support details completely spelled out. Then it's on him whether or not he TAKES his court ordered visitation. You can not force him to be involved, but you don't have the legal or moral right to cut him out of her life either. It's important for your daughter that she have every opportunity possible to know her father and have a relationship w/ him.

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I started the legal process to get full custody of her and he didn't do his part now I have to file more paperwork which will give him another month to do it ( which is not fair) ... He already said he's not gonna fight me for custody so Yea... Idk...

Michelle - posted on 09/06/2014




I would get legal advice about that, it would probably go against you if he wanted to take you to court.
Do you have any court orders? If you don't you should go and sort out visitation. If you do and he's on and off then go back to court and get them amended due to him not abiding by the orders.

Laura - posted on 09/05/2014




Depends where you live. Can you legally do that? You are the mom you know what is best. Go with your heart

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