I'm thinking about ending my marriage after 7 yrs because I realized that my husband is not in love with me.

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Ok - my membrane ruptured at 26 weeks when I was pregnant with my second son. I was hospitalized for two months until I reach 34 weeks. Thank God he was born on oct 25 2013 healthy and strong but had to stay in the NICU for three weeks. You see I have been with my husband for 14 yrs and married for 7yrs. He is a mama boy only child 36 yrs old but act like a child. His mother is very involved in our business since we have been together. While I was in the hospital she took over my husband life telling him he doesn't have to sleep in the hospital with me every night . In fact she thinks he should sleep there every other night. Of course this became a major issue. Do not get me wrong, we have a four yrs old and this was 6 days after I was admitted into and we haven't even decided how we were going to arrange the schedule. Four years ago when I had my 1st son they had a lot to say to my husband about me staying at home with him. He treated me horrible, he became distance and will not help me with the baby causing a horrible experience as a 1 time mom with my 1st baby.
My inlaws had my son that 1st week and when they return with him,This is what she had to say to me. Keep in mind she never call me not one time while she was at home that week. Anyway husband do everything she tells him to do and left me
Alone many nights even spending some of those nights at home with her while I was alone at the hospital leaking fluid scare to death that I was going into labor alone because my family lived out of town. He agure with me getting loud screaming at me at hospital everytime I asked him to stay with me or do something for me. The funny thing is now that my son is born she calls me acting like she care about me and telling me how happy she is to be a Grandmom again and she wants to come down and help take care of the baby ;but I'm still hurt from all drama and things she and her son did to me during my stay in the hospital. I realized my self worth and I'm not willing to be fake and just keep living my life to keep up appearances for them and their friends and families. What do you all think moms?


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Actually, I have to agree with his mother - I don't see why he had to spend every night with you in the hospital for all that time. While I understand you were scared, there is not only another child involved, but also a family to support (I am assuming he works). His inability or unwillingness to spend every night with you in hospital doesn't mean he doesn't love you, I think you are reading WAY too much into it. Personally, I would never expect my husband to stay with me every night in a million years! Sleeping in hospitals can be difficult, and if my husband has to work AND take care of other children, I would be selfish to expect him to do so.

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