I'm trying sooo hard to potty train my son who will be four years old in october. I take him to the bathroom regularly. He has no problem peeing in the toilet but he still poops on himself and won't say when he has to go. It's getting frustrating because iI started last year and he's still not potty trained. Not too many day care centers will accept a four year old that's not potty trained. I've tried rewards for pooping in the potty and even celebrating with him but nothing seems to work. What should I do because I have to get back to work soon and he has to be potty trainede?


Faye - posted on 07/23/2012




PRAISE! PRAISE! PRAISE! is all I can tell you. Does he have an older cousin, brother or friend who can help with this adventure? Is he afraid of falling into the toilet? Do you have him use a potty chair? Maybe have him sit on the toilet backwards so he can hold onto the lid and tank. Once he figures out that the toilet will not bite him maybe the training will start working better.

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