I'm trying to break my 9 month old from needing me by her to sleep and everyone keeps telling me just to let her cry it out, i have but every time she cries for over an hour I'm not sure if that's normal or if it's just me used to picking her up when she cries. I don't want to seem like a bad mom for letting her cry for so long


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Tonimarie - posted on 03/27/2013




Thank you! That helps Now every time I put her down she freaks out! She was never like that

Dove - posted on 03/27/2013




Then don't. She's only 9 months old. At that age.... every single one of my kids were breastfed to sleep... for every sleep. There is nothing wrong with parenting by your instincts and if her cry upsets you (as it should) that is your instinct telling you that this is wrong.

You will not set up life long sleep issues by gently getting her to the point of falling asleep on her own.... even if it takes you a year or two... or more.

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