I'm wondering if I could be pregnant. I need some thoughts I'm nervous

Savanah - posted on 09/15/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




i had sex sept 2,3and 4 started spotting 6 days later then it stopped in two days then 3 days ago i started spotting again a few days before my reg. period now my reg period starts off spotting then the first night gets heavy and stays heavy for a day or 2 my period has never done this before just stayed spotting I'm 26yr old and my period has never failed me ive also been feeling real tired, bloated, a little constipated and my breast are tender. this is extremely unusual for me to just spot like this could this mean I'm pregnant I'm getting nervous because I've been wanting to have my first baby and for some reason I've just never had even a scare so any advice would be greatly appreciated


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Sarah - posted on 09/16/2016




Have you done a home test? It is still very early if you might have conceived on or around the 4. Keep us posted.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 09/16/2016




See a doctor or take a test. We don't know.

Since unprotected sex is known to result in pregnancy, after all, there is always a possibility.

Michelle - posted on 09/16/2016




We have no idea. Take a test or see your doctor.
It doesn't matter how much information you give us, we don't know.

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