I'm worried my almost 3 year old doesn't talk enough

Cristi - posted on 02/27/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter is 3 next month but her conversational skills are lacking. She can talk, she knows people and movies etc, says small sentences to people (4 to 5 words long mostly like "hey, put me down" when you pick her up) but these are very limited, she can count forwards and backwards from 10, she has conversations with her toys that are half real words and half gibberish. If you ask her a question she doesn't really answer you but seems to understand most questions like "have you finished your lunch?" I have heard her quote scenes from movies with ease. I have friends with kids around the same age as my daughter who are having conversations with people and my older son was talking in conversations by the time he was her age. I know children all develop differently but I am really concerned my daughter is behind. I have just started her in daycare one day a week to see if that can help, even the staff commented that her conversational skills were lacking a little. We are trying to be even more active with her at home. Should I be concerned that she doesn't like to talk to people? Has anyone else had the same problem and have any answers? Am I just being paranoid? I would appreciate any advice, thanks.

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