I'm worried my daughter is "sexting"

Cynthia - posted on 06/28/2011 ( 12 moms have responded )




I think my teen daughter is flirting a little too forward with her "b/f" over her cell phone. There are a lot of stories online of kids sending naked pictures too and even being charged with child pornography! I'm not sure if she has done this but I am worried she might. Do any of you have advice or similar stories?


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Go to a website called www.mymobilewatchdog.com A lot of our friends use it to keep tabs on their kids. It is my understanding you pay a fee & it will send you every text your kids send & recieve.

Some people are going to shout about invasion of privacy & trust, but people it is no longer 1990 & they are no longer having conversations on the kitchen phone.

Prime example is we had a friend walk past his 14 year old daughters phone & on a whim took a look at her texts. Let's just say the girl had been doing things that would make porn stars blush & no stone had been left unturned, she had been doing these things while at a friends house.

Welcome to 2011. Better to invade a child's privacy some than to sit by being a passive parent & have them hurt.

Google My Mobile Watch Dog, and best of luck.

Dawn - posted on 07/01/2011




I agree, your house you're paying the bills, check the phone itself and check the bills/logs. You can always block text messaging from her phone and get her a very simple phone that is for phone calls only!!! If she is unwilling to give you the answers you seek.... take the phone completely or have it turned off with your cell phone company. My guess is eventually she will come around and be willing to talk!

Diane - posted on 06/28/2011




check her phone. technically your phone. she may be mad, but your the mom:)

Kate CP - posted on 06/28/2011




Take away her phone if she's using it inappropriately.


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Lopie - posted on 09/09/2012




Well, that's normal. I never did it but most teens do it. I'm 14 and in my whole entire life I havent did it. Have I thought about, no. I thinks its just disrespecting yourself but most teens thinks that it is pretty.

Megan - posted on 10/08/2011




Honestly the best thing you can do besides talking to your daughter about the risks of sexting and getting hot and heavy with a boy too early is block the texting function on her phone. It's really simple and most phone companies do it free of charge. I never texted with my first cell but people sent me all kinds of messages and I got tired of paying for it so I had the feature blocked. My sister got her first phone when she and her friends started driving and my mom told her that if she did anything inappropriate with the phone or went over the texting limits than she would lose the privilege of having a cell, let alone one with text. She never sexted as far as a know and she's now 22 and her boyfriend send goofy messages to eachother's facebook and we all make fun of it when we see it because it's one of those lovely out there things that they can't take back...lol And don't be afraid to tell your daughter of the child pornography laws and how there's no guarantee that he won't send her pics to somebody else, because even if the guy says he won't send them chances are he will especially if they break up. I know grownish men (in their 20's) who flaunt the girls pics while they are dating them and then if there's a nasty breakup bam! i end up with the pics along with half of our friends, females included.

Ellen - posted on 07/01/2011




take away the txting shes not ready to txt. she has the phone so u can get ahold of her.

Christy - posted on 06/30/2011




I busted my then 13 y/o nephew for doing this. Once I told his Dad (my BIL) he removed all texting from his phone! That's the only way to prevent that, but of course they may find other things to do. Watch her like a hawk but don't get too over bearing about it.

Stacie - posted on 06/28/2011




i would try getting a freind, someone she has never seen before, hae them come by the house and play like an investigator looking into the conversations that she is having through texting. it's a way to find out what she could possible be doing and a way to scary the crap out of her so she won't try to do something later on. dealing with teens and the internet right can be very scary, their are alot of things out their to help parents to monitor what they are doing if you think talking to them about it just isn't working.

Melissa - posted on 06/28/2011




I believe if she is on your cell phone plan you can get a copy of the texting record. I would do that and take it from there if you find something inappropriate. If she hasn't then it would still be important to tell her the consequences she would have if she did decide to send a picture.

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