i made wrong choices i fukd up :-(

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I am a mother of 7 amazing child who i love so much, i started young i knw i have made sum selfish desions i live with it daily at ths point of my life i have lost my kids and have nt seen the older 6 4 ova 4mths nw ma bby i c her bt nt as much as i should i chose a abusive relationship basicly to pt thngs blunt i love ths man so much i cnt c y my heart wnt walk awae i want n love my kids mre bt ive goten to a point were im lonley n sad alwaes beatng myself up on how i faild my kids n life im always angry n nw i jst want my kids i want to raise thm b4 i mis ot evn mre of thea life please i jst want advice on hw i cn make thngs rite i stil love my ex n im stil tryna fite 4 hs love and afction i jst dnt knw y we cnt gt alng n b hapy with myn n 2 of hs kids why am i chasn hm n nt thrivng n makn thngs rite as a mother :-(


Jodi - posted on 09/08/2015




Oh God, could you please write this post in actual English. I honestly can't understand half of it, which means I really can't respond.

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