I met someone and he asked me out and I said yes but I couldn't find my phone so didnt know my number so he just says he was going 2 my house but hasn't been yet and it's been 2 weeks do you think he will still want 2 see me


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Liz - posted on 05/03/2014




With the best intents in the world, nobody can tell you whether to ask for a guy's number or not.

If you liked him, ask for it. If you didn't, don't. :)

Sian - posted on 05/03/2014




He knew where I lived because the landlord got 2 do some work but we agreed 2 keep it quiet for a bit 2 see how it goes between us do you think he will still want 2 see me I know someone who could get me his number should I ask her for his number or leave it ????

Gena - posted on 05/03/2014




I totaly agree with Jodi, be very careful who you give your address to..you dont want any creeps visiting you in the middle of the night..its quite dangerous.Learn your phone number,or write it on to a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet.

Jodi - posted on 05/03/2014




Why would you tell someone you just met where you lived? That is REALLY unsafe to begin with. You have no idea who he is!! Never, EVER just give out your address. Learn your damn phone number.

Secondly, chances are he will never show up.

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