I miss going out and feeling pretty :( I have 2 kids btw...

Leslie - posted on 02/10/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




well let me start by saying I'm 25 I just turned 25 on january and I have 2 kids ..a 3 year little girl and a 8 month old baby boy, I breastfeed exclusively so my son is with me 24/7 ,he doesnt even know how to use a bottle lol. anyways my point is that i miss going out with my husband and having a drink .. we use to go out when we just had 1 kid but now with 2 and plus I breastfeed I cant have just 1 on 1 with him..and on top of that I miss getting really pretty with high heels and cute dresses . I dont really go out anywhere really special to wear stuff like that anymore :( . My mom cant babysitt both kids she says because she works alot and my son is a big cry baby with out me ..she told me once he gets bigger like 1 1/2 she wont mind but thats like 9 months away ..ugh.. Does anyone feel like me?


Cecilia - posted on 02/10/2013




I know you can't get one on one time with hubby but maybe talk him into a nice lunch date where you can dress up and take the kids out. I know drinking is off limits with breastfeeding but you'll get to dress up and be pretty for a lunch date. Make it fun and dress up everyone.

I know it sucks. One of those situations where you take what you can get. I have 5 kids. My anniversary lunch was with 2 kids. One colic.. yep that was fun.. Then we went to the mall and he let me pick out a new necklace and a new bead for my bracelet. My real and true present was i was allowed to sleep in that morning. Ah how the little things count!

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