I need a break !

Claudia - posted on 12/11/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello ladies im a stay at home mom I have a 15 month old baby girl. I love being able to stay at home with her and take care of her she is my world but sometimes I feel like I need a break. My husband works 4 times a week from 3am to 4pm and is off for 3 days and he never helps me out!!! He feels he dosent need to since he works and this is my job. I don't agree with him I feel like even if he works he should be helping me raising his daughter. Its been like this ever since she was born. I bath,change,feed,play and do everything for her, he rarely even plays with her. He wont do anything for her unless I ask him too ... all he does when he is off is sit infront of the tv and drink beer!!! He says hes relaxing cause he has to work I should look after her since im just at home... it hurts because he doesn't appreciate me ... raising a child is hard. I also cook and clean but to him its not enough :/ I just feel like maybe its wrong of me to feel this way since it is my job but it is though and sometimes just a little time for myself would be great!!! What do you guys think? Any other stay at home moms who have a partner who doesn't help out with baby?


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Wanda - posted on 12/12/2014




I was a stay at home mom. The kids dad was not as helpful as I would of liked. However I also found myself doing things because he couldn't do it right or not when I wanted. So it's easier just to do it myself. Then the conversation would of started a feud between us so it was easier to avoid that. Then I would just bottle up my feelings and think it will get better with age.. Well it didn't. It's not that he was a bad person, he was just selfish. Was it my fault? Well I didn't make him that way, but I contributed to it.. I am now divorced. I did not talk to him at a time when perhaps we could of fixed the problems. I blamed him, but I did not express myself like I should of. And one day that was it..finished..the resentment set it and I could no longer love a man who couldn't understand my needs.
So with that said...I think u should sit him down and tell him how u r feeling before u resent him to the point of no return..

Sarah - posted on 12/11/2014




My husband did not help out much with the infants but by 15 months he enjoyed playing with them at least. Tell him the truth, you are burnt out and need a break. Make plans with some friends and go out, leave the baby with him. Maybe if he has to do it, he will appreciate how much constant work it can be!
Negotiating shares of work when one parent stays home and the other works outside the home is probably the biggest debate between couples out there.

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