I need a gate to block my staircase.

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The banisters at the base of the staircase are uneven. The base is wider than the top. I love my craftsman style home but finding a gate to block my youngest from climbing the stairs is difficult. I don't want to drill holes into the solid wood banister. Of course if that is the only option, I will. Any suggestions.


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onestepahead.com has a gate for every and any doorway! Not cheap though.


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there are gates that extend like a shower rod you twist it and you can make the top and bottom different sizes I got one at Babies R Us you can make for a big opening and it goes down smaller to fit in a door way. It has a mesh type in the middle mine is almost 5 yrs old and it dosne't have any holes in it so it will hold up to just about anything it's hard to climb over cause the 1yr old i baby sit for trys sometimes to get over it. And no you don't have to put in any screws to the wall it's has rubber stoppers on the ends so that means no holes and no marks

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Walmart, basic wood gate, 5 or 10$. Should hold if you put it tight enough even with the unevenness

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I have the same issue so I chose to place three beautiful gates (metal and very modern looking) that require no drilling into the three room openings from the hallway. Although at first I thought it would be quite a pain for all of us, we've never noticed the difference. Voila! No need to actually gate the stairs at all because my children can't even get to them from any of the rooms!!! I've received many compliments on the gates - everyone asks me where I got them because they've never seen such beautiful baby gates. I think so too.... :) Good luck!

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Is your husband handy? Piece of plywood cut a liitle larger then the opening then bungy cord it around the banisters

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We had the same problem with our banisters and didn't want to drill holes either. My husband wedged thick styrofoam at the top of the gate to get it tight enough that it wouldn't wobble. Then we found an adjustable baby gate made by First Years at Babies R Us that worked well as it allowed us to adjust the top and bottom separately to fit the area. It was metal and had a pedal to push so you could open the gate and walk through to go down the stairs.

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A basic wood gate is best for fitting different types of framework. I always had trouble with plastic. Plus you can turn the wood gate backwards so once your little one learns how to climb the gate, they won't use the ledge that locks the gate into place. I always did lift the gate a little higher off the ground so it prevented mine from trying to climb it sooner. You can angle the gate easier when it is wood.

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