i need a help in potty training my 4 years old son..he tries to control his poop if i ask him to use the potty..he can control poop for even three days if has to in toilet..i dont know how to deal with that...please help


~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/14/2013




Neither do I. My son is almost seven and still pulling this. I usually feed him a ton of fiber filled food, lots of fruits and veggies, and plenty of water. He has sometimes held it for 6 days, and then we pretty much had to force him to go. Today is day number 4 this week, and he knows as soon as he comes home from school what he has to do. I hate having to take away privileges for not pooping, but sometimes I have to.

I think when my son was your sons age, I had a behavior chart that we would check off at the end of each day. He was told he needed to poop every other day, and we had a prize box a the end of the week for him to choose and item from if he bathed, pooped, ate well, etc. We never really have behavior problems with him (with of course the occasional melt downs) but this really got him on track and worked beautifully for quite some time.

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