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I am a 39 year old mom of 4 all of my children have disabilities i have been strong and i try to help anyone i can but i can not help my self both of my kidneys are failing and i am gonna need a kidney i know this is a harsh thing to ask for but i am all that my childrend have i just got married and my husband takes care of me and my children and they do not belong to him this is a time that i should be happy i had knee surgery and from all the medications my kidneys started failing i can not walk very well anymore i use a cane and a wheel chair my 7 year old has Cerebal Palsy and he can not walk so i learned to not complain because i cant walk he is a special little boy and he never complains because he cant walk so he became my insperation my children need me i take care of them there dad doesnt bother with them because drugs took over his life i had to become mom and dad to my kids and now i need someone to help me please give the gift of life i know that you dont know me but this is something i realy need i am almost in a stage 4 and there are only 5 stages i dont want to leave my kids and they realy need me life is not fair my 11 year old has aultism and my 7 year old has adhd and odd my 20 year old has bipolar and odd they say god gives you what you can handle but i dont know how much stronger i can be i am asking anyone who can help me please be tested and donate i have A+ postive blood type please send me a message if you can help my name is Jeannie


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Your general physician should be sending you a nephrologist ASAP so you can begin dialysis treatments. Living with failing kidneys is treatable until a suitable donor is secured. My mother & borther spent many years on dialysis until they received donors, and my sister is currently on dialysis. The very last thing you want to do is beg on line to a bunch of total internet strangers. You need to take care of your kidney failure the right way through your doctors. Surround yourself with friends and family that will help you with your children. Again, living with kindey failure is treatable through dialysis. I wish you alll the best.

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