I need A list or some Idea of how to prepare for this army famliy journey we are about to take ?

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My Husband has joined the army and he leaves for basic march 10. He basic training plus advance training he will be gone for 36 weeks believe. Is there any thing I have to do or should do while he is gone. We recently moved back in will my mom. We have 2 girls amoni (2 ) and Kylie(5 months).


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The army should be giving him a lot of information on what to do, getting you listed as his spouse, etc. The army should also have some information for you to access about what to expect. There are brochures and things, as well, with info. Your husband should ask his recruiter for them, if he hasn't received them yet.

My husband is ex-army, so I have an idea of what you will go through. Each family deals with it a little differently. It will be hard! You will need to be patient and understanding of all the changes and challenges he will be going through. Basic is not easy, nor fun. He will be exhausted ALL the time. You should be able to write letters back and forth. I don't remember getting to have many phone calls, but things could have changed since he was in basic.

You should start to build support for yourself where you live. Try to connect with other military families, if you can. It won't be as bad as a deployment, though. Those were the hardest on us. If you are part of a church, that should provide you with some emotional support. When you start to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, etc., just remember that this is temporary! It will eventually be over and you will be together again.

Try not to withdraw emotionally from him right before he leaves. Be available, consider he may be emotional too. Basic is really hard. He will be pushed to his absolute physical and emotional limits. When he comes back, he will probably be a little different. And that is okay. The health of your marriage depends on your and his ability to adapt and adjust to new circumstances and personal growth. Don't be afraid of it, but do be aware of it. The military can be a great place for personal growth - a man just doesn't know what he is capable of until he is pushed that hard! Some men gain a lot of confidence and self-respect through the military.

Best of wishes to you all!

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