I need a little advice on how to approach this!

Amy - posted on 02/23/2012 ( 9 moms have responded )




My son just turned 6 and will be going to the doctor in a week and a half for his 6 year check up. I am concerned about his weight, he currently only weighs 37 1/2 lbs. In the past when I have brought up my concerns it's not that the doctor has brushed them off but has reassured me that he's fine because he's getting taller so they won't label him a failure to thrive. My husband thinks there is nothing wrong with his weight and just thinks I'm crazy. I know growing up I was really thin but I don't remember being this little, I mean if someone ever saw him without clothes on they could mistake him for one of those skeletans that hang in your biology class. I know people say kids will eat when they're hungry but the problem is he can wake up at 8 and not ask for something to eat till 3 in the afternoon. Obviously I don't let him go that long but it's a battle at meal times.

My question is how do I push this issue further with his doctor without my husband acting like there is nothing wrong. Or should I just mention it again briefly and see what the doctor says?


Tam - posted on 02/24/2012




My son is 6.5 and 39 lbs. He's skinny, but not devastatingly so.

If you're worried, get a second opinion if you think your doc isn't taking it seriously enough.

Lissa - posted on 02/24/2012




My son was 6 in November and is presently 105cm and 37lbs, he gets six monthly check ups with the doctor for height and weight as a precaution. It has been enough that they want to keep an eye on him but not enough to be "concerned". He has also had bowel issues which have been sorted out by cutting wheat from his diet, this was also around the time he started to grow and put on weight at a more reasonable rate. If you are concerned ask for a referral.

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We have had eating and weight issues with our daughter since she was 6 months so I know your pain, She is now 27 months and a good 5lbs under the weight she should be at she is maybe 20lbs. I had the same thing with doc telling me she was fine and would eat when she was ready but I knew it was more then that so I just said straight out I want to go to a feeding clinic and see a ped, I got over asking and feeling like I was brushed off. She eats better now but is still very small but at least I know there is nothing wrong with her she is just small. I always try to make what I feed her food that counts, so really good foods that are low gi and will stay with her for long periods of time because if she decieds not to eat for a few hours at least I know she has good food in her belly. Good luck with it all


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Tam - posted on 02/25/2012




I've noticed with my kids that sometimes they put on a few inches, then fill out their newfound height with weight gain. It doesn't seem to be a steady thing. It comes almost in spurts.

Also, my kids (4.5 and 6.5) are at the stage where it's a battle to get them to eat things that I KNOW they like. Contest of wills, and all that. I'd say that any pediatrician who wants to keep his practice going will know about something as simple as a healthy growth curve, but there is never anything wrong with voicing concerns or requesting a second opinion. It would be troubling is parents didn't do something like that.

Your doctor probably goes off the assumption that as long as the child is healthy, his weight is on the chart and he isn't losing weight, he's doing alright.

Amy - posted on 02/24/2012




I'm more worried about my husband down playing my concerns to the doctor therefore the doctor in turn not being overly concerned.

He's 3 and 1/2 feet tall. He doesn't drink milk regardless if it's flavored, a milkshake, or a smoothie so I'm sure he won't drink one of those other things.

I should say that he under the 3% for weight but was at the 30% for height which is on his regular curve. When we took him for a weight check up in November he had gained almost 3 lbs so that's why I say the doctor isn't concerned it's just he isn't putting on enough weight to keep up with his height growth.

I will definitely try to push the issue especially the fact that he doesn't want to eat and constantly has to be told to take a bite.

Christy - posted on 02/24/2012




Be demanding in the Dr appt. My daughter is 3 1/2 and weighs 37 lbs. And she is thin, too. How tall is he?

Regardless this is a concern and you are your child's best advocate. If the DR is "mum" about it, ask for a referral to a specialist or go to another pediatrician.

Bonnie - posted on 02/24/2012




I have a 5.5 year old who is 37 lbs. He is fairly tiny. The doctor is not concerned at all. You could always try another doctor to see if you get the same answers.

Swapna - posted on 02/23/2012




I understand for a height range of 102 – 128cms around 34 - 66lbs for boys is good.

Is is a very active boy? I agree with a meal replacement drink and maybe some extra healthy snacks and probably some cal packed meals for a few months to up his weight.

I keep my kid at a couple of pounds more than an average of her weight requirement, mainly because I find she has better immunity and doesn't look skeletony when a flu or something is playing havoc on her appetite.

Michelle - posted on 02/23/2012




my son who is now 11 has always been in the top 95% for height and the bottom 5% for weight. Same issue he doesn't eat a lot. I started him on a meal replacement drink with his breakfast and he is now starting to fill out I just tell him it is chocolate milk and so he has his chocolate milk and something to eat before heading to school

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