I need a way to get my 7year old to want to take his ADHD,ODD,ASD meds

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This is not about his ability TO take medication it is about him WANTING to take his medication. He has decided that he does not need to take his tablets. He is not allowed at school unless he is medicated, he is hurting me daily (yesterday he shoved me and now I cant move my shoulder or neck without pain), and he has not ability to regulate or listen when not medicated. I need a way to do this, 1 of his medications needs to be swallowed whole, both do actually as putting in it something will most likely lead to him not taking the entire dose, which is just as bad cause I cant medicate again if it runs out which is does when mixed with food. Talking to him about it doesn't work because he doesn't see the improvements, Missing school and having boring days at home doesn't help, Bribery doesn't work (his principal has offered him chupa chup every single day he's on time and takes his medicine, so far he never got a single one) this is beyond a joke. I no longer have anything else to do or suggest and no other services can help. Maybe mums can help?


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Hello desperate Mom,

I have been in your shoes and it was not easy my son had anger issues and they would last about 20 minutes I would time them I would have to hold him down during these times and his doctor even showed me how. He never had them at school for some reason he was in special ed which really did help he started on medications but got older and refused to take them.

I am not sure if your son is in special ed but it may help to see if you can get him into main stream special ed because they have very special ways of handling these kids yes these kids. My son Jason has ADD and Disflexia and still does he is 27 and went to the Art Institute graduated and has a great job he still has rage outbursts and it is hard but he is not on any medications. I sometimes wonder if he should be but he is an adult now and I can do nothing about any problems he has it is up to him.

You can try and get your son to take the meds some how but is that the right thing to do my son used to say he felt funny taking the medication. I have heard that diet can help try some good food vegetables and fruit no processed food low sugar or no sugar if possible.
Try to get him involved in some kind of exercise JC my son we called him JC took karate it really helped him becaue he had to focus and the people that train these kids are great.

The moto with the kids in karate was perseverance keep trying and never give up I use this moto myself I will never give up on JC.

I also had JC tested about 4 hours worth the school would only do 2 hours and they were not fully trained I took the reslts to the school and that is how JC was put in special ed it was the best thing I ever did for him. I checked with the special ed teachers each week on Friday to make sure he was doing all of the work and I made sure the teachers were doing their jobs. JC sometime disliked what I did and he had a hard time with mainstream they tried to put him in remedial classes and I said no. I think if I did not do what I did JC would never have made it through college and I knew he could never go to a major University.

I can only suggest and tell you what my experiance was oh by the way I had a foster kid he had ADHD and ODD he took the wrong path and my husband finally took him out of our home and returned him to Social Services against my will. Ernie went to live with his brother and the family that took his brother in he graduated from High School but never went to college. I tried to get Ernie into College and tried to help him in other ways but nothing seemed to help he even went into the army for a while but quit he got into trouble and went to jail. I could go on and on but anyway you see the picture.

I think your son needs special evaluation and if you can afford it get it for him and once you do make sure he goes into special ed. and if necessary in special ed there are many allowances that they can give him. I know that a you or a person can be designated to sit with him in class each day and go to classes with him it sounds hard but you know if it is necessary than do it even for awhile. In special ed they have to accomodate him and give him certain allowances of all kinds more time to complete assignments and a special person to help him if necessary. I want to let you know the school system also is very careful once your child is in special ed they are afraid of law suites. JC even got on the football team second string and was the smallest kid on the team but he got on and only played a little but the exercize he got and friend he made it was great to go to the games I still miss it.

Well I hope I have helped you oh also try and make some friends with moms who have similar problem once he is in special ed you will meet these moms and dads.

Take care God Bless Pray it really helps.
Cathy Helgerson

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