I need advice about my bitter custody battle

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I have a very complicated story and need some advice. My soon to be ex husband fed me abortion pills in my soup without me knowing it when I was 7 weeks pregnant. He told a friend and that friend turned him in to his first sergeant (we are both in the military). He was court martialed and pled guilty and got charged with 119a attempt to kill an unborn child and 128b assault consummated by batttery. He was sentenced to 2 yrs in prison and dishonorable discharge. He went to prison in Aug 2010 and got out on parole in May 2011. He wasn't allowed any contact with our daughter until Feb 2012. Now he is trying to take her from me saying that I thwart at his attempts to be her dad even though I've offered him supervised visits. Our daughter is only 22 months old now and does not know him. He's only seen her twice and it was only for a few hours because he doesn't believe that he should have to be supervised. We live over 7 hrs away from each other and he thinks that he is going to get 50/50 or full custody of my daughter. He doesn't pay me child support and will not even buy her anything. He constantly tries to fight with me and saying that I'm a liar and it will all be brought out in court because I married him they won't keep him away from her. I'm afraid that he can take her from me and I don't know why. He won't give me a divorce and fights everything my attorney and I try to do just to prolong it even more. I even offered a parenting plan even though I want him out of our lives and he won't accept anything because it's not what he wants. Any advice will help.


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Thank you. He has nothing to use against me because I've done nothing wrong. I'm a good mom and take great care of my baby. She's my whole world and he knows that the only way to punish me is going through her. He doesn't care about her. He's just trying to continue on with making me miserable. We won't hear from him for days or weeks and then all of a sudden he will pop back up and start threatening me with all that stuff. I do have documented proof of me offering him supervised visits. I also let him skype her even though she doesn't understand and won't even stay in front of the computer. I know his parents are behind a lot of this because they feel that he does no wrong. They blame me for everything. They even tried calling my commander in a failed attempt to ruin my career. He believes that it's only fair that I meet him halfway with her so he can just take her 7 hours away from me and my response every time is that I can't meet him halfway and that he can come here and see her supervised.

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