I need advice here. I have a son name Lucas he's 7 years of age. He's been having alot of problems in school lately with bullies and even certain staff and teachers. I done made several complaints, however, i think it's not being investigated thoroughly because the lady whose investigating my complaint knows the principal personally (she said so herself). Now that i made this complaint the people at school are making it seems as though my son is the liar, saying kids make up things all the time. Last week on wednesday i took the liberty of calling the school and left a message to one of the secretary telling them to inform the principal that i would like to have a conference and i woule like the following people to attend. to make the story short, the secretary said she was going to give the principal the message. About a half hour later, i received a call from a guidance councelor urging me to come to school because Lucas wasn't listening. Mnd you i never receive calls regarding my son nor his behavior. I went to school and had a conference with one of lucas teacher and the principal. They were complaining that Lucas was llstening all day that day and that he kept rolling over the floor. So i spoke to lucas and told him that i didn't like his behavior that day...this is all according to what the principal said. Lucas didn't want to talk during the conversation. I believe in my heart it's because he was afraid too. For one why did i receive that phone call half an hour after i called the school for a conference. I believe that the school (principal) new i had made a report against several people including himself. And i think he needed to make up a story just to make Lucas look bad and make him look as though he's a liar. That same night Lucas was crying and told me that one of the after school personnel (mr. Kenny) was telling Lucas to stop misbehaving and according to what Lucas said to me, he said that Mr. Kenny pulled him to the side (where no one can see) and told Lucas he was going to punch him in the face if he didn't behave. Isn't this considered as a safety issue? so my question is what should i do. The higher authorities which is the board of ED is not doing anything about it based only on the fact that they know the principal. I am afraid for my son and my son comes crying to me almost every single day complaining, in fact begging to be transferred to another school. Lucas is a wonderful little boy who doesn't deserve to be called, stupid and other names that are not suitable for use. I'm trying my best as a parent to listen to both sides but every time something is said, they make lucas to be the liar and I just don't think that he would intentionally tell me a lie. I know my son. Yes he's a bit hyper, he can't stay still and he also has a speech problem and many kids bully him because of that but when lucas fights back, Lucas is the wrong one. Lucas can't take it no more so he decided that he was going to fight back. They see when Lucas hits them back but they don't want to see what the other kids do to him. Parents please tell me what should i do. I am in desperation right now. Please help Lucas.


Mel - posted on 12/06/2014




hi,i dont think teachers and principals would make stuff up to make a kid look bad or a liar, That can get them in a lot of trouble and loose their jobs for good.What i would do is talk with my son and try to get at the bottom of this, to make sure hes not making stuff up. Maybe its more of a bully problem and he doesnt wanna go to school. Now depending how the convo went with my child, i would Speak to someone in a higher position at the board of education, since the person helping you isnt really "helping" the situation. if that doesnt work, i would take him out of the school and put him in another one. And of course if his saftey is at risk i would call the police. Hope this helped:)

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