I need advice how to talk to my mom about divorcing my father.

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Michelle - posted on 05/25/2015




I agree with Evelyn, this isn't your situation to deal with. You shouldn't even know about who pays the bills etc.
You have to let your parents make the decision to separate/divorce.
Go and stay with your Grandmother and let your parents do what they need to.

Ev - posted on 05/25/2015




This is an adult subject and you should not be discussing this with your mother other than how it makes you feel. This is a matter between your parents and THEY need to figure this out. Its fine to feel as you do as that is your choice but you also have to understand this divorce is not about you but the parents and what is driving them apart and why. If his name is on the deed with hers there is nothing legally she can do to make him leave unless he ends up having a domestic charge against him and she gets a restraining order. But do not provoke that idea into the picture because it sounds like its bad enough as it is. YOU as the child need to let them figure this out. If going to grandma's is the best thing for you now then do it. But do not collaborate with family and friends on how to make a man who owns the home you three live in leave. Its not fair to him either.

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