I need advice please!

Jana - posted on 10/08/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am a fairly new single mom of a wonderful 3 year old girl. Her father and I separated last year due to his multiple affairs, and our divorce has been ridiculously drawn out. In the year since our legal separation I started dating again and while not on birth control (due to side effects like vomiting) I have used protection and other forms of birth control so color me shocked when I went to my doctor for a typical yearly exam and I am pregnant and not like oh only 6 weeks like my periods would indicate or apparently how my uterus felt to the doctor but I am 11 weeks. To make this all worse the person I was dating I split up from a month ago and I really don't want to have him involved at all. (Split up due to him still living too much of the Bachelor lifestyle ) I haven't told any family members yet the only person that knows is my still legally husband and it is because I burst out crying when I was picking my daughter up from him. (He was kind enough to watch her so I could go to my doctor visit with out a very inquisitive 3 year old) I officially am just lost struggling with my emotions and how on earth I am going to make it with two children when I am barely getting by with the one. So has anyone been down this road ? Is there light at the end of the tunnel because I am feeling terribly overwhelmed?...

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