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I been married about 4 months now, we want to know who my husband can adopt my child. We been talking for 5 years before we got married. He was there for me while I was pregnant and now, he is raising her as his own. Her real father hasn't even seen her, he didn't sign the Birth Certificate and she has my last name.
His sister knows that I moved and she knows of the child. But his family wants nothing to do with her either...
I just need to know how my husband can adopt her, this is a big deal to him.


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Ev - posted on 12/22/2013




Well, you are in a bit of a problem here. Just because the father has not been in the life of the child nor knows much about the child and has not signed the birth certificate does not mean he wants nothing to do with his kid at all. You are going to have to go through the courts to do this to get him to sign his rights away.

1) You need to find him and tell him of the intentions of you and your husband.
2) Paternity is going to have to be set.
3) The father is going to have to decide for himself (not because you two want this) if he wants in the life of his kid or not.
4) The father could decide to press for his rights in court and he would get them. But you would need to establish the custody, visitation and child support at that time. And you both would have to abide the court orders concerning those things. YOU can not force the father to give up his rights because you and hubby want this adoption to go through.
5) The father could decide to give up his rights and sign the papers. Then you would be free for the adoption depending on judge and all.
6) And if you try to force the rights being taken away; you need to have a lot of proof and documentation that this man is a danger to your child or would cause your child harm...the father that is.

I hope this helps.

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