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Karina - posted on 11/15/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm pregnant with my 4 th baby and I would like to ask some mom an opinion the kids father had told me he doesn't want the baby.but I'm NOT even gonna stressed it out I'm gonna do it on my own...what should I do after baby is born I really don't wAnt him involved after he told me that he's NOT gonna be responsible im confused at the moment


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LalaBoom - posted on 11/15/2013




Unfortunately you cannot just keep him away.

After that child is born, I can almost guarantee you are going to want him involved, even if its in the form of "child support."

CS is an "investment," as many men would see it. So trust and believe he will go after you for some custody/visitation after CS is established.

If you truly don't want him involved then dont bother contacting him ever again.

You need to understand, men have no control over pregnancies and unwanted babies. Surely you can see why he "wants nothing to do with the baby" when he is feeling "forced" to go through something he doesn't want to.

I hope that helps.....

Jodi - posted on 11/15/2013




You don't get to say whether he should be involved or not, the courts do. He has every right to file for some level of custody. If he wants to be involved, and he does file, he will get some level of visitation. The courts won't cut him out of your child's life.

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