I need any advice about my step daughter...

Kayla - posted on 02/04/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I need help on how to react on her behavior she is five years old!! towards her dad and I plus my three year old daughter..Ok here we go..When Adam and I got together she was a great kid. Then when we got engaged she started just cry the whole time she was at our house she wouldn't play or eat much just cry saying she wants to stay at her grandmas house, We said why she said cause I miss her and I asked well you miss us she said no she doesn't like us she hates us and her room and our house. We have a kitten that she is just terrified of..My three year old daughter plays with this kitten all the time she is so mean to it and it lets her do whatever she wants with it. So I have no idea why she is scared of it plus she has animals at her moms house..Anyways..she has attitude towards us tells her dad she doesn't love him and doesn't ever want to see him..(breaks his heart). We got her a bunch of stuff for her for xmas and she didn't even want that..she didn't even want to open them up! The relationship that my husband has with his daughter is NOT very good at all. Ever since they got divorced she has been nothing but trying to destroy him. He doesn't do anything but try to be nice. She talks so much bad stuff about us to her daughter its not even funny, She says to her daughter that she hates her dad he is really mean and tells her to not listen to us when she is over and be mean and calls us names to her daughter. I REALLY try not to get involved in there problems but its making my husband really upset everytime we have our there for the weekend. And we drop her off back with her mom and Adams daughter is all excited and al smiles when she knows she is going back to her moms. We don't do anything but make her feel like home everytime we have her but its really difficult when all she does is cries and tells us she hates us. I don't know what to do!!

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