I need help!!

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I am 17 and I am pregnant. I don't know how to tell my Mom. My older brother had a child with his now wife at 16 and she freaked out. I'm scared she'll hate me.


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Honey, she won't hate you. She may be disappointed, and she may not express that well, but I'm pretty sure that she'll still love you. Its a mom thing.

Tell her that you need to talk to her, one on one. Ask her if the two of you can go for dinner, or lunch somewhere. And then just be honest. We appreciate when you are honest with us! Tell her that you've got some news, and that you're scared, but you hope that she'll help and support you.

You will do fine with this sweetie, even though its scary, and its something that you think will be the end of your "good" relationship with your mom. But, honestly, unless she's some kind of horrible monster, which I'm sure she isn't. She let your brother live, right?

If you need someone to go with you, do you have another adult that you trust (Aunt, counselor, older sis...) that would be willing to tag along for support?

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