I need help about my baby's dad :(

Al - posted on 04/22/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I don't even know how to start but after a long hard fight the relationship has ended.

We weren't together long before I got pregnant and it was okay but he never seemed interested In me from then onwards and only until the end of the pregnancy he would bother with the baby.

He constantly insulted me and made me feel so emotionally drained and unstable that I wanted to end my life so many times because of him but once my daughter was born he got worse, constantly demanding he saw her and his anger was horrible. His parents told me I'd see them in court and I them screaming and bawling at me three days after labour.

The baby's dad even kicked off a fuss after he was asked to buy some things for his daughter seen as in nine months he bought nothing..

I would of loved him being around but he's horrible be constantly demands the baby if we argue, he makes me feel like a worthless mother when he's around and I'm so scared if he gets my daughter he'll either harm her or take her and never return and that would be a I saw.

I'm so scared I need help. Please someone help


Jodi - posted on 04/22/2014




Is he getting to see his baby? I only ask, because that is his right, and maybe that is causing some of the anger, if you aren't letting him.

You really need to talk to a lawyer. He does have have rights to his child, and it sounds like he is likely to consult a lawyer about his rights. You need to discuss this with a lawyer, and you also need to file for child support.

Just remember, he IS likely to get visitation because he is the father. You need to be prepared for that. If you deny him contact with his child, it won't look good for you. Maybe allow him some supervised visits for a while until you get things sorted out.

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