I need help for my 6 yr old boy. He is an EXTREME picky eater

Lisa - posted on 02/06/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I need help for my 6 yr old boy. He is an EXTREME picky eater and I mean EXTREME. My husband and I have tried EVERYTHING we could think and the doctor has suggested , from hiding food in mash potatoes (which he won't eat by the way), to bribing him with a piece of chocolate (and doesn't get or want many sweets either) . We've been to a gastrologist for some tests and nothing. He just won't even try anything. The only things he will eat are chicken nuggets (frozen and processed only), waffles, pancakes, turkey bacon (not crazy about regular bacon), almost bread item occassionally a period of no nuggets and change to hot dogs. Absolutly no fruits or veggies of anykind, which brings us to another problem.... going to the bathroom/ or lack of should I say. It's horrible and he just doesn't get it that he has to eat and why. And if he doesn't eat he will continue to have a hard time going tot he bathroom and onlydo damage to his body. It's terrible and sad. Yesterday was the worst. I thought that I was going to have to take him to the ER. He hadn't gone to the bathroom in atleast a week, so I started last Thursday giving him Miralax, which usually helps in a day or 2. NOT this time.. He sat on the toilet (if you have a weak stomach u may want to stop reading now).... I had him sit on the toilet and try to go because he had started to leak a little in his underware. He was in there for about 45 minutes.... he had it stuck in his anal area and it was so hard and so big he was screaming and in so much pain. He wanted me to pull it out. Well a parent can't be prepared for this... I put a glove on and I couldn't there was no way I could take it out and help him without the possiblility of hurting him more and i was NOT about to do that. Mind you he is 6yrs old and only about 33lbs, tiny guy. Omg it was horrible and so sad to see him like that. But AGAIN we explained if he doesn't eat certain foods it is always going to be like this. He cried and thought he was going to die and wanted to know why he was born like this. : ( I tried to reassure him that he was not going to die and that he makes choices whether to eat or not. I need help and I don't know what to do or how to get him to try some new foods when he won't eat anything that I could try and hide foods. He just won't. Please help !!


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My 4 year was like that for a time... We did the tough love with her... We stopped giving her the food that she would always eat and gave her a plate of what we were eating... With all the food groups in it... At first it was not fun... she use to just not eat and we got worried that we were doing it the wrong way... but when a kid is hungry they are hungry... We tried then to use the bite for age... We put all the food groups on her plate... small amounts... She HAD to eat 4 bites of everything in order to get up from the table... The first couple times we sat there for hours but she started trying new foods... as it went a lot she started liking more food and we made a list of what she ate and what she would not... then tried to make foods in new was... As she got older the 4 bites went into 5 bites and so on. We let her help make the foods and for a year all proccessed food were out of the house and off limits... Now both of my kids do the bites for the foods they dont like and then eat the foods that they like. If they eat their meals they get to have dessert that they helped make. Another thing would be a multi vitams... they make tons of them now... have him pick one out Hope this helps a little :)


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Hi Ladies, I want to thank all of you very much for your comments and trying to help me with my son. I REALLY do appreciate it. I have tried a juicer, pedisure and carnation instant breakfasts and I'm lucky if he smells it, though we tell him not to because it doesn't always taste the way it smells. I don't like the way spaghetti sauce tastes cold and not much of cold smell of it, but LOVE it when it is warmed up. But again thank you Sherri I appreciate it.

Jennifer, we haven't quite tried it the way you have discribed, something a little similar, BUT hey anything new is worth a shot that we haven't tried. We have spent hours upon hours at our dinner table and said you don't leave until you have tried / eaten what is in front of you and that didnt work. We let him or ask him to pick somethings out at the store that he might like to try and he picks chicken nuggets, or sometimes hotdogs. We have planted our own garden before and it's great he'll pick things out he wants to grow, but he won't try them when they are here. It gets so frustrating, especially after the last weekend when I almost had to take him to the ER to have a bowel movement removed because it was so enlarged and stuck . It was HORRIBLE and I felt so bad that he was crying and yelling. We've explained until we are blue in the face how important eating certain things were to him going to the bathroom and it just does not get through to him. Because of last wkend he has a small tear and broken blood vessals. Now off to see another GI doctor to make sure everything is ok. He has gained a whole 2lbs in the last year but comes up on the chart as being healthy due to his height. HE is such a smart boy and loves life but has become to hate eating and it's frustrating.

Thank you all again for you help. take care

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I LOVED what Jennifer said. I have also seen a lot of success when giving the child power to help grow/pick out (at the grocery store) and make the meals, they are more likely to try them. Good luck mama!

Sherri - posted on 02/06/2012




Have you tried a juicer to get fresh fruit and vegetables into him that way. If he will drink juice. Or tried pedisure for all the vitamins, calories and things that he needs? or even carnation instant breakfast?

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