i need help.. for two things .. iam having 1 boy almost 2years old and iam 9 month pregnant my 1st Q how can make my baby not jealous from the new baby my 2nd Q:how can i remove the diaper ?last Q: whats the way to make ur 2 years baby sleeping?


Anaquita - posted on 10/18/2012




1. Some jealousy is normal. Be sure to spend special time with the toddler, one on one, each day, and that ought to help a great deal. Any jealousy ought to pass eventually.

2. Don't until he's ready to potty train. Once fully trained day and night, then you can stop with putting him in diapers. Don't force it on him before he's ready though.

3. Get him on a regular schedule. Can be a bit difficult, but a regular schedule with a bed time routine ought to help. It will take time to get settled into one, but a routine can be calming and helpful. What I do with my son is first he gets ready for bed, brushes his teeth, then he lays down in bed to read for awhile. (In this case you read to yours) then it's lights out.

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